Igloo London E1W 3QT Estate and Letting Agent

18, Garnet Street
Greater London
Over the last decade Estate Agency has undertaken a dramatic change and this is predicted to continue.

Here at Igloo we do not believe applicants take the time out of their heavy schedules to browse local agents during their spare time to see what is the best property available to them. The young, hectic lifestyle simply does not allow the time for this, especially in London.

The industry is now led by technology. This is the age of information, fast and easily accessible information. In the accelerated life since the turn of the millennium, the applicants and landlords first port of call is the internet. Hence why you are reading this!!!

Research has shown, and what may be blatantly obvious; is the agents with the largest internet presence, over the last decade become the most successful. This may seem extremely obvious, but at Igloo we are able to utilise and implement this post Millennium concept of traditional estate agency.

With just one centralised hub, we are just as accessible as any other agents but with a distinguishable advantage of instant communication between negotiators, maintenance and accounts. With us able to cover as vast an area as any other chain of agents, we have fewer departments and reduced beaurocracy enabling us to offer more competitive rates with a high level of customer service. We at Igloo find it difficult to believe this is unique but this innovative design for a new, slicker and state of the art agency is the future.

With this being a new concept in estate agency we understand that traditional and experienced investors may have some doubts. In response to this not only do we have exceptionally competitive fees, we will not charge extra for multiple agency. We do not want to step on other peoples toes - but we will let our service speak for itself. Our negotiators are most certainly not typical estate agents. Although highly motivated, you will find our staff not only knowledgeable, but a pleasure to deal with.

Do not mistake Igloo for just another estate agents.

We are a new concept in estate agency.