Source Homes Ltd Glasgow G32 7XW Estate and Letting Agent

Source Homes Ltd
932, Shettleston Rd
G32 7XW
Tel:  0845 388 1230 or 0141 573 0961
Why use a letting agent at all?

Our clients both landlords and the tenants already know the answer!
The answer is: professional, reliable service, marketing, management and security of using a hassle-free professional letting and estate agent.

Why chose Source Homes?
Because we do everything with highest attention to detail to satisfy both landlords and tenants and guarantee we have our hands on top of everything that needs to be done to ensure customer satisfaction! PROSPECT TENANTS WHO HAVE ALREADY SPOKEN TO US SIMPLY DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO PRIVATE LANDLORDS AS THEY ARE HAPPY TO HAVE US AS THEIR AGENCY.

At all our dealings we do our utmost best to rent your property asap and to good, credit checked tenants.

We work hard and are dedicated, success driven, highly motivated individuals. Each rented property gives us a lot of satisfaction. We are passionate about letting and estate business, as well as good, professional and friendly customer service!
Only people with passion and clear targets can achieve great things in their field! We value everyone we deal with and each property is very important to us!

What we do:
-market, rent out and look after your tenants, property and your issues to ensure all parties are satisfied and provided the service they required
-try to always be at least one step ahead of our competitors
-actively look for tenants for our current and prospect properties at all times
-advertise on-line, on our exhibition window and call back our prospect tenants who reported interest in properties
-always offer professional, reliable, friendly approach to clients and business people
-treat all clients with respect, patience, care, positive attitude and professionalism
-all this for only 10% MANAGEMENT FEE (No registration or marketing fee, like most other agencies). Why so cheap? Because we try to beat the competition with the quality of our service and prices!
-if you still have questions ask us and we shall contact you within 24 hrs with the answer
-WHAT IS MORE, WE SPEAK ENGLISH, POLISH AND GERMAN and ADVERTISE ON APPROPRIATE WEBSITES, what ensures us great access to a very good source of professional tenants
-We are known as Polish speaking letting agency in Glasgow and are popular amongst Polish community
-We greatly benefit from many private and landlords' recommendations and a big deal of advertising and marketing we do for our business and properties to let

We have been renting properties with great success and now have hardly any properties to let, we need more to be able to offer suitable properties to our waiting tenants. We have nearly 200 prospect tenants' records in our data base looking forward to hearing from us.

Please feel free to contact us or visit our office.

Opening hours: mon-fri: 9am-5pm
closed weekends and bank holidays

932 Shettleston Rd
G32 7XW

Tel. 0845 388 1230 or 0141 573 0961