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In the shadow of the credit crunch, one North East company is a shining light on to the property market with a new strategy.

Chameleon Property Investments Limited – a one-stop shop for a diverse range of property related services - recently launched its “Simplicity Home Plan”, an innovative solution to both buyers and sellers in today’s volatile property market.

The “Simplicity Home Plan” allows vendors to sell their property easier and retain 100% of the market value.

This means that vendors finding it difficult to sell their property and now believe their next move is out of reach have an alternative route to either taking their house off the market altogether or selling at a reduced price.

For the property investor the Simplicity Home Plan allows them to sell their property and retain an equity share in the property without the potential hassle of voids, rent collecting, tenant finding, property maintenance and all relevant services required to manage their assets.

We are also finding that because of the Simplicity Home Plan, many potential tenants are in a position to purchase a landlords property without the hassle of moving.

Some vendors see no other way out of mounting debt problems and are selling at a price heavily below the market value; again this does not have to be the only solution!

This is great news for buyers in any circumstance. For first time buyers the “Simplicity Home Plan” means they have no initial deposit to pay and can therefore afford a property which may otherwise have been out of their price range, whilst for people involved in a property chain, the “Simplicity Home Plan” can work throughout the chain to break the stalemate.

The “Simplicity Home Plan” is the brainchild of Chameleon Director Gary Bennett, a property investor and developer who set up Chameleon in 2006. He said: “We are very excited about the “Simplicity Home Plan” and “We understand that in today’s property market it may seem very uncertain, yet I believe, if we all work together, then we as a company can assist so many people, in so many sectors, to enable everyone to benefit, and to turn what people believe is a negative situation into a positive solution”.

“We understand how difficult the current property market is so this is the perfect option for buyers and sellers without anyone having to lose out.

“We also see the “Simplicity Home Plan” as an invaluable tool to estate agents and are looking to get more agents involved so they can offer it as an additional service to their clients.” He said.

Chameleon Property Investments Limited first opened its doors in 2006 and since then has gone from strength to strength, adding more services to its portfolio to meet with the changes in demand in the property market.

The company now offers a range of services to its clients including property sourcing, property investment and management, landscaping and building services and a House Doctor service to help make over a property so it can achieve its highest potential return – whether that is for sale or rental.

With the launch of the Simplicity Home Plan and the company’s continued growth, Chameleon recently relocated to new premises at The Knightsbridge Suite, Bridgefield House, Hartley Court, Brunswick, Newcastle Upon Tyne. NE13 7BA.

Anyone wanting a free consultation or further information on the “Simplicity Home Plan” or any of Chameleon’s services should contact 0845 9000 341 or email:, alternatively visit: or