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Broadfield Estates
1 Broadfield, Seymour Street
OL10 3AJ
Tel:  01706 691169
Fax: 01706 691167
Broadfield Estates continuously surveys cities and countries, identifying properties that meet strict criteria. We provide sound investment opportunities for our clients. Investment only occurs in places where we feel confident that our money will grow.
Broadfield Estates has built a successful property portfolio mainly within the North West. Because we have the in-house products we can offer dynamic packages to suit the seasoned and new investors, rental markets and now with the launch of Rent-to-buy the first time buyer markets.

In order to facilitate the whole process, we can look after the rental of the property once completed, knocking down the pain barriers that exist in sourcing a trust worthy local agent. We can also help you realise your profits by acting as a sales agent, when you think it is the right time to cash in your investment.