Yellow Apricot South Croydon CR2 6EA Estate and Letting Agent

Yellow Apricot
1st & 2nd Floor, 25a Brighton Road
South Croydon
Tel:  08456 18 28 78
Fax: 020 8680 5333
Yellow Apricot is the only property auction house in the UK through which you can buy or sell a property entirely by phone, post or email. The company is not an ebay-type of auction, where the auction is open for several days. A Yellow Apricot auction occurs live and real-time, meaning properties sell at the same speed and rate as properties at a traditional auction but you can do it all sitting at home!

Yellow Apricot also offers a number of other services which are listed below:

1. Property auctions - we are the only auction house in the UK where you can buy or sell a property entirely by phone, post and email by a live public auction.

2. Below Market Value Properties - we are fast becoming the UK's leading source of genuine BMVs. As an auction house, we pre-qualify all our BMVs before marketing them to our database to ensure you only get genuine deals, often on auction contracts so that you cannot get messed about.

3. Home Information Packs (HIPs) and Conveyancing - We have a fantastic package on HIPs and conveyancing. Pay nothing up front and pay on sale of the property. In many cases, the buyer will also pay your legal fees on completion.

4. Mortgages and loans – Due to our association with the UK’s number one mortgage broker John Charcol and a working relationship with other leading mortgage intermediaries, we can filter your enquiry and direct it at the most suitable source saving you a lot of time and money. We also arrange bridging loans. Please click on our Bridging Loans icon on our UK website home page

5. Lettings - We let properties throughout Croydon and parts of South London. We will also manage portfolios of properties anywhere in the UK. All our landlords qualify for our Yellow Apricot Reward Scheme. This is a free service offering them a 10% discount off all our other services whilst they are renting out a property through us. In addition to that, we will automatically prepare a Rent Account signed by one of our Directors (who is an Accountant) for submission to the Inland Revenue free of charge to all Landlords where we are managing a property for them (saving you on average £100-£150 per property) each year. Who else can offer you services like these completely free of charge?

6. Commodities - We act as mandates and intermediaries in the trading of commodities such as gold, diamonds, metals, oil and food products. Visit our international website for further details.

7. International Properties - We sell international properties worldwide. Log onto our international website to find out more.

8. High value properties in the UK - We source and sell high value properties in the UK, ranging typically from £1m to over £500m.

9. Free property alerts - Register for our free property alerts on properties that are in need of a quick sale to avoid repossession or are being sold under distress for other reasons. You will then receive free regular emails on properties that need to be sold quickly. Read our section on BMVs on our UK website for how BMVs work and what you must do if you wish to buy a BMV property.

10. Free cash to you – Get paid cash in any of the following situations:

Amount of Cash Paid What you have to do to receive this cash

£500 Refer to us a person in financial difficulties facing
repossession who then sells his/her property through
Yellow Apricot.
£100 Request a free no obligation mortgage quote from our
preferred mortgage advisers John Charcol and then take
their recommended mortgage product.
£100 Forward our free property alert emails to other people
and if one of them buys a property as a direct result of
responding such an email alert.
50 Refer a person to us who wishes to rent or sell his/her
property through Yellow Apricot. The cash will be paid to
you once the person has paid his/her auction entry fee or
once we have rented out the property.