Warren Putney Putney SW15 1EZ Estate and Letting Agent

Warren Putney
194, Upper Richmond Road
Greater London
SW15 1EZ
Tel:  0208 780 1100
Warren Estate Agents is a well established, highly successful independent company specialising in the selling and renting of Putney property.

Having personally worked in Putney for over 30 years I decided a long time ago to create an agency which is dedicated to the local market and thereby able to offer, up to date and experienced knowledge of all matters relating to the sale and rental of Putney properties. We pride ourselves in our belief that we are able to provide our clients and applicants with the most accurate assessments of all property values backed up with sound reasons as to our conclusions which more often than not result in us achieving record prices.

We have a refreshingly straight forward approach in conducting our business and for such a high profile firm our commission rates are surprisingly low. I can never understand why on earth vendors would choose to pay fees of up to 2.25% when we quote considerably less for providing what I consider to be vastly superior service. Our instruction agreements are manifestly clear, fair and free of corporate claptrap, with an absence of any negatively binding time periods. I believe our personable, knowledgeable and friendly approach has been instrumental in making us the leading local estate agent with the greatest variety of property for sale and the first point of reference not only to local purchasers but also throughout London and overseas.

Property Management

As one of the largest and most experienced management estate agencies in Putney we can offer landlords a thoroughly professional service endeavouring to let and look after your properties whilst achieving the highest possible rents at some of the most competitive commission rates on offer.


Currently we have a good and varied selection of properties to rent. For fuller details please contact Matthew Macmillan either by phone, fax or email.