Connect Lettings Nottingham NG16 5HJ Letting Agent

Connect Lettings
63 Barrows Hill Lane, Westwood
NG16 5HJ
Tel:  01773 860 247
We are a division of RS Home Services Ltd, who have been trading in Nottinghamshire for past 2 years.
We are passionate about our customers, offering the best levels of service and customer care.
ConnectLetting has been established as we saw a need for a fresh approach to property management. We offer the an outstanding service to everyone from the seasoned property investor to single property owners.
Key to our business is keeping things simple. If there isn’t a need to complicate things, why bother?
That’s why our pricing structure is simple, we offer a set letting fee regardless of the monthly rental value, and we charge a realistic affordable monthly percentage for the management of your property.