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Genie Properties (UK) Limited
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Are current house prices making it hard for you to find the 10-15% typically required to get on the property ladder?

Are you left frustrated because the only option currently available to you is to rent your accommodation, knowing full well that your largest monthly outgoing is an expense being paid on (someone else’s) an asset you will never personally own?

I know exactly how that feels because not too long ago I was in that position too. That was until I found an alternative route - the same route that I'm now offering to you!

What I am offering is a kind of 'hands up' to get you over the obstacles and onto the property ladder. All the properties I source are from reputable developers and include discounts of up to 25% below market value. In many instances I am also able to negotiate payment of your DEPOSITS & STAMP DUTY!

"Fine - but what does that mean to me and my current situation?" I hear you ask. What it means is that you can benefit from the following:

You can now acquire or invest in property with 'little or none' of your own personal finances!

You can ensure that all your acquisitions have +positive instant equity locked into them at the time of purchase. This can be released to fund future investments or to improve your lifestyle!

An opportunity to have your money work for you (it owes you that much after the amount of hard work you have dedicated to it to date!)

A chance to finally make your abode into a home and decorate to your hearts content without having to get permission from the landlord first.

Access to FREE service and support!

These are just some of the benefits available to you. Check out my website ( to find out more.

And if you send me an email today ( ) I’ll even send you a FREE report on how to buy property with 'little of no money'. InsideTrack are charging in excess of £5,000 for this information – I’m GIVING IT AWAY FREE!