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Buying a HIP From An Estate Agent

Buying a HIP From An Estate Agent

The worse financial option is to let your Estate Agent supply the Home Information Pack. Your Estate Agent may lead you into one or more of the following traps:
  • Offer a Free Home Information Pack - Then simple raise the commission level to Pay For It.
  • Offer a Free Home Information Pack - But if you leave, they will charge you under the clause 'You will pay any reasonable marketing expenses'. Expect a bill for £500 to £1000.
  • You may NOT be able to use multiple Estate Agents - You will be tied.
  • You may NOT be able to sell privately, thus pay £1000s in commission.
  • The Agent will own the Home Information Pack, so you will not be able to transfer it to another Agent. The Home Information Pack will have the Estate Agents logo and name printed on it.
  • You pay for the HIP at an inflated cost - Agents make large commission on every HIP they sell.
  • If you change agent, you will need to pay for another HIP, at another inflated price
  • Offer delayed payment. However the Home Information Pack will cost even more, normally £500 to £700.
The best option is to simply purchase your own Home Information Pack independently from a HIP Provider This gives you the freedom to market your property how you want, use any or multiply Estate Agents, or even sell your home privately PLUS purchase your HIP for the cheapest Price.

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