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, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M50 House Prices
, PROSPECT ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
, PROSPECT ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
ABRAM STREET, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ACACIA DRIVE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ACRESFIELD ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
AEGEAN GARDENS, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
AGATE MEWS, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
AGECROFT COMMERCE PARK, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
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AINSDALE AVENUE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
ALBAN STREET, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
ALBAN STREET, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
ALBERT PARK ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
ALBION TRADING ESTATE, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ALDER STREET, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ALDER STREET, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ALEXANDER STREET, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ALLESLEY DRIVE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
ALPHA STREET, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ALPHA STREET WEST, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ALRESFORD ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ALRESFORD ROAD, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ALTAIR PLACE, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
AMERSHAM PARK ROAD, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ANNIE STREET, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
APPLE TREE COURT, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
ARNSIDE DRIVE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ARROW STREET, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
ASCENSION ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
ASCOT WALK, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ASGARD DRIVE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
ASGARD DRIVE, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
ASGARD DRIVE, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
ASH STREET, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ASH STREET, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ASHBOURNE GROVE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
ASHBOURNE ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ASHCROFT AVENUE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ASHCROFT AVENUE, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ASHFIELD CLOSE, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ASHLEY STREET, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ASTEN FOLD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
ATHENIAN GARDENS, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
ATHOLE STREET, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
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AUBREY STREET, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M50 House Prices
AUCKLAND DRIVE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
AVEBURY CLOSE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
AVONDALE DRIVE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
AYLESBURY CLOSE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
AYRSHIRE ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BACK DUNCAN STREET, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BALTIC STREET, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
BANDY FIELDS PLACE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BANK LANE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BARCLAYS AVENUE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BARFF ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
BARFF ROAD, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
BARR HILL AVENUE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BASSET AVENUE, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BAYDON AVENUE, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BAZAAR STREET, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BECKET AVENUE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BEECH AVENUE, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BEECH GROVE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BEELEY STREET, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BELFORT DRIVE, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
BELMONT AVENUE, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BELMONT STREET, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
BENEDICT CLOSE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BENNETT DRIVE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BENTLEY ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BEVENDON SQUARE, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BINGLEY WALK, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BIRCH AVENUE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
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BISHOP ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BISPHAM GROVE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BLACKFIELD LANE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BLANDFORD ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BLODWELL STREET, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BLUE, MEDIA CITY UK, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M50 House Prices
BLYBOROUGH CLOSE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BLYTON LANE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BLYTON LANE, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BOLIVIA STREET, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
BOLTON ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BOROUGH ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M50 House Prices
BOSTON COURT, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M50 House Prices
BRADDEN CLOSE, , SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
BRADFIELD AVENUE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BRADLEY AVENUE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BRAMBLE AVENUE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
BRANDON ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BRANKSOME DRIVE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BRANTWOOD ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BRASSINGTON AVENUE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M5 House Prices
BRENTWOOD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BRIDLINGTON AVENUE, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BRINDLEHEATH ROAD, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices
BRISTOL STREET, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M7 House Prices
BROAD STREET, SALFORD, Greater Manchester, M6 House Prices

Average price of ALL properties for SALFORD in each month

Average price of ALL properties for SALFORD in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for SALFORD in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for SALFORD in each month

Average price of ALL properties sold for SALFORD in each month by Property Type

Average price of ALL properties sold for SALFORD in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for SALFORD in each month by Property Type

Total number of ALL properties sold for SALFORD in each month
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