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, THE DOCKS, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ADELAIDE STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ALBANY STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ALBION STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ALEXANDRA ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ALEXANDRA ROAD, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ALFRED STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ALL SAINTS ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ALMA PLACE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
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ALNEY TERRACE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ALVIN STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ARCHDEACON STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ARCHIBALD STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ARTHUR STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BALFOUR ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BARBICAN ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BARNABY CLOSE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BARRACK SQUARE, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BARTON STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BATHURST ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BECKSIDE COURT, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BECKSIDE COURT, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BEDFORD STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BELGRAVE ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BELGROVE TERRACE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BELGROVE TERRACE, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BIRCHMORE ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BISHOPS CASTLE WAY, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BISHOPSTONE ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BLENHEIM ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BLOOMFIELD ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BLOOMFIELD TERRACE, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BOWLY ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BRISTOL ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BRISTOL ROAD, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BRISTOL ROAD, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BRISTOL ROAD, QUEDGELEY, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BRISTOL ROAD, HARDWICKE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BROOK STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BRUNSWICK ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BRUNSWICK SQUARE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BRUNSWICK SQUARE, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BULL LANE, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
BURFORD MEWS, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
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CALTON ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CALTON ROAD, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CALTON ROAD, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CANADA WHARF, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CARMARTHEN STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CARMARTHEN STREET, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CASEY CLOSE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CECIL ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CECIL ROAD, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CENTRAL ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CHARLES STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CHILLINGWORTH MEWS, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CHURCHILL ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CLAPHAM COURT, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CLARENCE STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CLEGRAM ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CLEMENT COTTAGES, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CLEMENT STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CLEVEDON ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CLEVEDON ROAD, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
COLDRAY CLOSE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
COLLEGE COURT, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
COLTMAN CLOSE, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
COLUMBIA CLOSE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
COLUMBIA CLOSE, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
COMMERCIAL ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
COMMERCIAL ROAD, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CONDUIT STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CONDUIT STREET, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
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COOKS ORCHARD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CROMWELL STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
CROSS KEYS LANE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DAINTY STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DAVENTRY TERRACE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DEANS TERRACE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DEANS WALK, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DEANS WALK, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DEANS WAY, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DENMARK ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DENMARK ROAD, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DERBY ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DIAMOND JUBILEE CLOSE, , GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DINELY STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DORA WALK, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DORNEY ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DORRIT CLOSE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DUCIE STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
DYNEVOR STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
EASTGATE STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
EDWY PARADE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ESTCOURT CLOSE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ESTCOURT ROAD, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
ETHERIDGE PLACE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
FALKNER STREET, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices
FARADAY CLOSE, GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, GL1 House Prices

Average price of ALL properties for GL1 in each month

Average price of ALL properties for GL1 in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for GL1 in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for GL1 in each month

Average price of ALL properties sold for GL1 in each month by Property Type

Average price of ALL properties sold for GL1 in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for GL1 in each month by Property Type

Total number of ALL properties sold for GL1 in each month
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