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, NORTH HINKSEY VILLAGE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
, REIGATE HILL, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
, WYTHAM, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
, WYTHAM, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ABBEY ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ABINGDON ROAD, CUMNOR, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ADELAIDE STREET, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ALBERT STREET, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ALDRICH ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ALEXANDRA ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
APPLETON ROAD, CUMNOR, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
APPLETON ROAD, CUMNOR, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
APSLEY ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
APSLEY ROAD, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ARISTOTLE LANE, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ARNOLDS WAY, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ARNOLDS WAY, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ARTHRAY ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ARTHRAY ROAD, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ARTHUR GARRARD CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ARTHUR STREET, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ASH CLOSE, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
ASHCROFT CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BAINTON ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BAINTON ROAD, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BANBURY ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BANBURY ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BANBURY ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BANBURY ROAD, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BANBURY ROAD, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BARDWELL ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BARN CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BARRETT STREET, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BEECH CROFT ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BEECH CROFT ROAD, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BEECH ROAD, BOTLEY, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BELBROUGHTON ROAD, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BENSON PLACE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BERTIE ROAD, CUMNOR, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BINSEY LANE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BISHOP KIRK PLACE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BLADON CLOSE, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BLANDFORD AVENUE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BLANDFORD AVENUE, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BLENHEIM DRIVE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BODLEY PLACE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BOTLEY ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BOTLEY ROAD, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BOURNE CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BRADMORE ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BREECHES END, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BRIDGE STREET, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BRIDGE STREET, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BRINDLEY CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BROAD CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BROCK GROVE, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BROGDEN CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BROWNS CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BUCKLER ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BULLSTAKE CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BURGESS MEAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BUSHY CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BUSHY CLOSE, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
BUTLER CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CANAL STREET, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CANTERBURY ROAD, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CAPEL CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CARDIGAN STREET, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CARDIGAN STREET, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CAREY CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CARLTON ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CAVENDISH ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CEDAR ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CEDAR ROAD, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CENTURY ROW, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CHADLINGTON ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CHALFONT ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CHALFONT ROAD, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CHARLBURY ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CHAWLEY LANE, CUMNOR, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CHESTNUT PLACE, CUMNOR, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CHESTNUT ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CHESTNUT ROAD, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CHURCH CLOSE, FARMOOR, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CHURCH LANE, WOLVERCOTE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CHURCHILL PLACE, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CLEAR WATER PLACE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CLOVER CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
COLEGROVE DOWN, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
COMBE ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
COMPLINS CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CONIFER CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CONIFER CLOSE, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
COPE CLOSE, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
COPE CLOSE, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
COTSWOLD ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
COTSWOLD ROAD, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
COXS GROUND, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
COXS GROUND, , OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices
CRABTREE ROAD, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX2 House Prices

Average price of ALL properties for OX2 in each month

Average price of ALL properties for OX2  in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for OX2 in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for OX2  in each month

Average price of ALL properties sold for OX2 in each month by Property Type

Average price of ALL properties sold for OX2  in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for OX2 in each month by Property Type

Total number of ALL properties sold for OX2  in each month
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