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, HILL AVENUE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
, LONDON ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
, MOSS HALL GROVE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
, PRESTON ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ABBEY SQUARE, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ABBOTS WALK, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ADDINGTON ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ADDISON ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ADDISON ROAD, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ADMIRALS COURT, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ALBION TERRACE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ALEXANDRA ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ALEXANDRA ROAD, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ALFRED STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ALFRED STREET, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ALLCROFT ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ALLCROFT ROAD, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ALPINE STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
AMITY ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
AMITY STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ANSTEY ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
APEX PLAZA, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ARGYLE ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ARGYLE STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ARTHUR PLACE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
ASHLEY ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
AVEBURY SQUARE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
AVON PLACE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BAKER STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BARKHAM MEWS, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BARRINGTON WAY, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BATH ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BATH ROAD, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BATH ROAD, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BATTLE STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BAYDON DRIVE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BAYDON DRIVE, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BEAR WHARF, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BEDFORD ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BEDFORD ROAD, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BELLE VUE ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BELLE VUE TERRACE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BENYON MEWS, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BERKELEY AVENUE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BLAGRAVE STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BLAGRAVE STREET, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BLAKES QUAY, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BLENHEIM GARDENS, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BLENHEIM GARDENS, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BLENHEIM PLACE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BLENHEIM ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BODY ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BOSTON AVENUE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BOULT STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BRIGHAM ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BRIGHAM ROAD, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BROAD STREET, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BROOK STREET WEST, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BROWNLOW ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BROWNLOW ROAD, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BRUNSWICK HILL, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BRUNSWICK STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BUCKNELL COURT, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
BULMERSHE ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CADUGAN PLACE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CAMBRIDGE STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CANNON STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CARDIFF ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CARDIGAN GARDENS, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CARDIGAN ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CARDIGAN ROAD, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CAREY STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CARNARVON ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CARNARVON ROAD, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CAROLINE STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CAROUSEL COURT, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CARSDALE CLOSE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CASTLE CRESCENT, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CASTLE HILL, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CASTLE HILL, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CASTLE STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CASTLE STREET, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CAVERSHAM ROAD, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CAVERSHAM ROAD, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CAVERSHAM WHARF, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CENTURION CLOSE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CHAIN STREET, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CHARLES STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CHATHAM PLACE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CHATHAM PLACE, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CHATHAM STREET, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CHATHAM STREET, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CHEAPSIDE, READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CHEAPSIDE, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CHEAPSIDE, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CHERITON COURT, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices
CHESTERMAN STREET, , READING, Berkshire, RG1 House Prices

Average price of ALL properties for RG1 in each month

Average price of ALL properties for RG1 in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for RG1 in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for RG1 in each month

Average price of ALL properties sold for RG1 in each month by Property Type

Average price of ALL properties sold for RG1 in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for RG1 in each month by Property Type

Total number of ALL properties sold for RG1 in each month
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