Sold House Prices RIVERSIDE Worcestershire - Streets B

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BADGER CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BANNERS LANE, CRABBS CROSS, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BARFORD CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BARLICH WAY, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BARNWOOD CLOSE, CHURCH HILL, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BARROW CLOSE, WINYATES, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BARSTON STREET, WEBHEATH, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BARTESTREE CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BARTLEET ROAD, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BASCOTE CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BASCOTE CLOSE, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BATCHLEY ROAD, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BATSFORD CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BATTENS CLOSE, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BATTENS DRIVE, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BAXTERLEY CLOSE, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BAXTERS COURT, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BEAUFORT STREET, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BECKETT CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BEECH TREE CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BELMONT CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BENTLEY CLOSE, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BENTLEY LANE, ELCOCKS BROOK, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BEOLEY LANE, BEOLEY, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BEOLEY ROAD EAST, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BEOLEY ROAD WEST, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BEOLEY ROAD WEST, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BERKESWELL CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BERRINGTON CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BERRINGTON CLOSE, IPSLEY, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BERROWHILL LANE, FECKENHAM, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B96 House Prices
BEVERLEY CLOSE, ASTWOOD BANK, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B96 House Prices
BILBURY CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BINTON CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BIRCHENSALE ROAD, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BIRCHFIELD ROAD, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BIRCHFIELD ROAD, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BIRCHFIELD ROAD, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BIRCHFIELD ROAD, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BIRMINGHAM ROAD, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BIRMINGHAM ROAD, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BLACK LAKE LANE, UPPER BENTLEY, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BLACKSTITCH LANE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BLACKWELL LANE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BLAKEMERE CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BLAZE LANE, ASTWOOD BANK, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B96 House Prices
BLEACHFIELD LANE, BEOLEY, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BLOCKLEY CLOSE, WEBHEATH, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BLYTHE CLOSE, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BODENHAM CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BODENHAM CLOSE, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BOOT PIECE LANE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BOULTONS LANE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BOUTS LANE, HOLBERROW GREEN, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B96 House Prices
BOXNOTT CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BOXNOTT COTTAGES, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BRANDHEATH LANE, NEW END, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B96 House Prices
BREACHES LANE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BREDON VIEW, HEADLESS CROSS, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BRIDLEY MOOR ROAD, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BRIDLEY MOOR ROAD, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BRINKLOW CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BRITANNIA CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BROAD GROUND ROAD, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BROADWAS CLOSE, CHURCH HILL, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BROCKHILL LANE, BEOLEY, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BROCKHILL LANE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BROCKHILL LANE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BROCKHILL LANE, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BROMFIELD ROAD, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BROMFIELD ROAD, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BROMSGROVE ROAD, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BROMSGROVE ROAD, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BROOK STREET, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BROOKFIELD CLOSE, HUNT END, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BROOKHAMPTON CLOSE, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BROOKHOUSE LANE, CALLOW HILL, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BROOKHOUSE LANE, HAM GREEN, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BROOKLANDS, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BROOKLANDS LANE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BROTHERTON AVENUE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BRUETON DRIVE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BURNS CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BURRINGTON CLOSE, , REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BUSHLEY CLOSE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B98 House Prices
BUTLER STREET, ASTWOOD BANK, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B96 House Prices
BUTLERS HILL LANE, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices
BYRON ROAD, REDDITCH, Worcestershire, B97 House Prices

Average price of ALL properties for REDDITCH in each month

Average price of ALL properties for REDDITCH in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for REDDITCH in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for REDDITCH in each month

Average price of ALL properties sold for REDDITCH in each month by Property Type

Average price of ALL properties sold for REDDITCH in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for REDDITCH in each month by Property Type

Total number of ALL properties sold for REDDITCH in each month
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