Buying a house near mum and dad

Posted: 12 Apr 2006 11:04:04 GMT

            Property News - Buying a house near mum and dad

While it is usually presumed that buying a house is an exciting opportunity to fly the nest, 26.5 million Brits still live close to their mum and dad.

A survey published today by mortgage provider FirstActive clearly demonstrates that UK residents are reluctant to move too far away from home, with six in ten people living within half an hour of their immediate family.

More men than women choose to live close to their families, while northerners are the most likely to remain geographically close.

There are clearly hundreds of factors to consider when buying a home, but the new research strongly suggests that Brits prioritise family over work.

Almost a third of people across the UK live more than half an hour away from the office and 3.5 million live over an hour away.

Living near parents clearly appeals to many because of the potential for babysitting help and regular get-togethers, but there is also the issue of seeking security, both emotionally and financially.

Searching for a house, whether close by or far away from parents, is becoming a much easier process, as more and more people take advantage of online searches.

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