Five miles and £500,000 apart

Posted: 27 Apr 2006 09:24:26 GMT

            Property News - Five miles and £500,000 apart

It was reported this week that there is a £500,000 discrepancy between house prices on Crawley's most expensive and least expensive streets.

The Crawley News found that while some properties can be bought for around £100,000, others just five miles away will typically cost well in excess of £500,000.

Dalewood Gardens in Northgate is thought to be the cheapest road and house prices are generally in the region of £75,717, while £614,214 is the average price for a house on Herons Lea.

House prices on Herons Lea generally range from £500,000 to £1 million and many properties have private roads, swimming pools and large gardens.

It is said that the area attracts people moving out of London, while blue collar workers in Crawley are now earning more than ever before.

In the cheaper area, studio flats, bungalows and small houses are on offer, but local residents have expressed their surprise at how cheap the properties are there.

The findings re-emphasise the need to search thoroughly for the perfect house, with a huge price variation still existing between houses in close proximity.

It is a process that is becoming much easier, thanks to the rising popularity of searching for a house online.

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