Making homeownership cheaper

Posted: 07 Apr 2006 11:13:09 GMT

            Property News - Making homeownership cheaper

With new research indicating that the cost of running a home has risen to £10,048 a year, UK homeowners are increasingly looking for options to ease the burden.

This alarming figure is £1,389 or 16 per cent higher than it was back in 2003/04 and it is leading to an increasingly prudent approach to spending as Brits realise that many of their outgoings can be avoided.

Huge amounts of money are typically spent before even moving into a new home, with fees for estate agents rising all the time and stripping buyers of cash that could be more effectively spent on home improvements.

It is a realisation that has functioned as a catalyst for private buying and selling, with property transactions completed without worrying about the role of estate agents, who are increasingly seen as superfluous to the deal.

Research shows that more and more people are now searching for a house online and many of these are deciding that buying and selling online is the logical next phase.

With mortgages, council tax, gas bills, electricity bills and water bills all notably higher than two years ago, astute homeowners are predictably looking for ways to reduce the outgoings, and saving money during the property transaction itself is one of the most valuable methods to consider.

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