Online house selling 'replacing estate agents'

Posted: 19 May 2006 08:43:19 GMT

            Property News - Online house selling 'replacing estate agents'

Recent reports suggest that house sellers are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the role played by estate agents and are looking instead to sell privately using the internet.

As reported by in2perspective, a recent Which? report found that despite attempts to introduce greater regulation to the industry, sellers have very little confidence in estate agents.

The report concluded that less than half of Britain's homebuyers and sellers were happy with the service provided by estate agents, with only ten per cent saying that they fully trust them.

It is thought that 75 per cent of homebuyers already use the internet as well as estate agents to search for homes and it is a trend that is increasing as more people familiarise themselves with online activity.

Advertising a property online clearly has the advantage of appealing to the widest possible audience and sellers are also praising the increased convenience of online sales.

Paying commission to estate agents is also an issue that grates many home sellers and it has been an important factor in the rise of private selling in recent years.

In addition to this, many were put off by the BBC's recent Whistleblower documentary which exposed a series of dubious tactics being employed by estate agents.

As private house selling becomes more readily available, it is little wonder that many are opting to bypass estate agents when putting their property on the market.

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