Landlords look forward to simpler rules

Posted: 12 Jun 2006 09:52:42 GMT

            Property News - Landlords look forward to simpler rules

As the rented sector in the UK continues to grow, landlords are now hoping for a further boost with the simplification of rules and regulations.

The Law Commission has described the current system as "archaic, complex and inflexible" but is working towards a comprehensive overhaul within 18 months, reports the Independent.

It is thought that many of the rules governing the relationships between landlords and tenants were actually constructed more than 100 years ago.

The Law Commission is continuing to claim that many of these are obsolete if not wholly contradictory and it instead hopes to replace them with two simple documents.

Speaking to the Independent, Martin Partington from the Law Commission, said: "Over the years, every government that has got involved with rented housing [has] put new laws in place and kept the old ones, which has left a confusing array of different types of tenure."

The first of the two new documents will be a "standard contract" for the private rented sector which will primarily affect those with buy-to-let properties, while the second will be a "secure contract" and this will apply to social housing tenants.

It is hoped that the simplification process will contribute further to the growth of the industry, with landlords and tenants alike more confident about the nature of the contractual relationship.

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