Report blasts 'lying' Hip critics

Posted: 13 Jul 2006 10:56:25 GMT

            Property News - Report blasts 'lying' Hip critics

A new report has slammed the "irresponsible" critics of Home Information Packs (Hips), claiming that they are deliberately misleading the public.

The Association of Home Information Pack Providers (AHIPP) claims that the critics – led by the Conservative Party – have spread a series of lies about Hips. The first of these is that house sellers will have to pay at least £1,000 for a Hip, with AHIPP arguing that it will only cost £700.

Critics have also argued that the Home Condition Report (HCR) will fall short of a full building survey, but AHIPP disputes this vehemently.

But the chief complaint from critics has been that transactions will fall when Hips are introduced in June next year, with some saying a 25 per cent reduction is feasible.

By contrast, AHIPP suggests that transactions will actually increase in time, with sellers more confident about the home-buying process in general.

According to Mike Ockenden, director general of AHIPP, Hips will be hugely beneficial to first-time buyers, the most vulnerable in the market and inexperienced and cash-strapped buyers.

Mike Ockenden, director general of AHIPP, said: "Tory opposition to Hips flies so much in the face of consumer interests; it is difficult to understand the basis for their opposition - unless it is plain politicking."

It seems clear that the debate will continue in the coming months, with critics and supporters equally obstinate in their views.

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