'I'm not living next to that!'

Posted: 25 Aug 2006 12:52:01 GMT

            Property News - 'I'm not living next to that!'

The top list of reasons for why people break off from house sales or refuse to follow through an initial viewing has been collated in new research.

Around 86 per cent of buyers would refuse to live near contaminated land and 84 per cent would not live in a flood risk area, according to the study by Woolwich.

Troublesome neighbours also rank highly with 80 per cent of buyers not wishing to be kept up by loud music or confronted by volatile locals.

Subsidence and Asbestos were also not on people's wish list with 78 and 76 per cent respectively ruling out a property with either feature.

Andy Gray from Woolwich stated: "A homebuyer's survey may show up some of the key deal breakers like subsidence but other issues won't appear at all, such as troublesome neighbours, therefore it's important the new neighbourhood is checked out."

Mr Gray hopes that Home Information Packs (Hips) could pave the way for a more thorough understanding of the surrounding area.

"Hopefully home Hips, which become compulsory next year, will enable homebuyers to have more information upfront potentially reducing the number who pull out of property chains," he added.

Landfill was ranked fairly high as another reasonable argument for not buying a certain property, with 67 per cent objecting to the possibility of a house falling into the sea.

Eight out of ten buyers would haggle a price down if for instance a new roof was required on a property.

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