Quality of life survey ranks south-east number one

Posted: 14 Aug 2006 10:39:13 GMT

            Property News - Quality of life survey ranks south-east number one

A survey which explores the quality of life in Britain's local authorities (LAs) has rated four out of the top five regions as being in the south-east.

The south-western region of east Dorset took up the final place in the top five, but not one northern region has made the top 25 in the Halifax Home Insurance Quality of Life Survey.

Researchers studied the labour market, house prices, environmental conditions, education and then health to come to a final ranking.

Elmbridge in Surrey was rated as the LA of the UK with the highest quality of life. Wokingham and Chiltern were also in the top five as Surrey and Berkshire led the way in house prices and employment.

Northern regions did excel in education and quality of house heating.

In Trafford more fifteen year olds have five or more GCSEs than anywhere else in Britain. The north-east also had a higher percentage of homes with central heating and the sole use of a bathroom.

Tim Crawford, economist at Halifax Home Insurance, stated: "Looking across a range of indicators it's clear that residents in Elmbridge in Surrey have the best quality of life in Great Britain.

"However, house prices in Elmbridge are the highest outside of London, showing that residents clearly have to pay a premium for their high standard of living."

Households in the south-east scored highly for earnings and employment statistics and also demonstrated a good standard of health throughout the community.

In addition, MET office figures helped to compile a picture of the physical environment, with the east of England having the least rainfall. The south-east and the south-west shared the spoils for the most hours of sunshine followed by the Isle of Wight.

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