Energy bills bring more gloom

Posted: 08 Sep 2006 13:06:52 GMT

            Property News - Energy bills bring more gloom

The latest price rise by npower yesterday (September 7th) has left even more householders with the feeling of impending energy price doom.

An average npower customer will see a bill for £1008 drop through their letter box, a significant increase from the previous average of £880, according to uSwitch.

Taking into account price rises from all of the big energy companies, this year sees the average winter bill costing £993 compared to £735 average of 2005.

In addition, ten million consumers are wasting a collective £3.2 billion because they don't switch their suppliers regularly.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at uSwitch, stated: "A price increase by npower comes as no huge surprise, yet the disappointing inevitability of it will fail to cushion the blow for the majority of its 6.3 million customers.

"The best way to cut energy bills at present is to switch to an online tariff. These deals traditionally offer the cheapest option for customers as they can be 16 per cent or £153 cheaper than standard tariffs."

The average UK energy bill is now up by 35 per cent this year alone.

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