Energy efficiency important to all

Posted: 14 Aug 2007 11:53:23 GMT

            Property News - Energy efficiency important to all

Making the UK's homes more energy efficient is in the interests of everyone.

Making the UK's homes more energy efficient is in the interests of everyone.

That is according to FirstRungNow, which says that all of us have something to gain from improving the efficiency of out properties.

Principally, being energy efficient helps to maintain the environment but there are other benefits too.

Homeowners will find that by insulating their lofts they will save money on their household bills, while minor alterations can now have a big impact on the value of a property.

"Keeping bills down is very important and insulation is the key, as is fixing such as dripping taps and sealing drafts off. In some places grants can be obtained for roof insulation," said Helen Adams, managing director at FirstRungNow.

"In theory first-time buyers should be keener on keeping costs down but in actual fact all householders are keen on energy efficiency - it's in everyone's interest."

With Home information packs (Hips) introduced to the selling process for properties with four or more bedrooms and a full-scale rollout due to be introduced soon, energy efficiency is set to become even more important.

The packs contain an Energy Performance Certificate which ranks each property on green issues.

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