Sellers need "kerb appeal"

Posted: 15 Aug 2008 17:00:32 GMT

            Property News - Sellers need "kerb appeal"

As the slowdown in the housing market continues and industry experts seem undecided about whether prices will fall further, many homeowners are left struggling to sell their property.

Cherry Maslen and Lucy Denyer report in the Times on some of the best ways to inspire confidence in a buyer and shift a property quickly.

Unsurprisingly, their first tip is to drop the price as they suggest those having difficulty selling property may have put it on the market with too high a price tag.

Homeowners have been warned to make a "significant" reduction to attract a new set of buyers but advised sellers not to make the drop too drastic so that it puts people off and will not attract interest.

According to Polly Maxwell, whose company Milc advises people on how to sell their home in the shortest time, there are a number of things that can improve the prospect of selling a property.

Ms Maxwell talks about giving a property "kerb appeal". She explains: “Repaint the front door, fence and gate.

"Tidy up your front garden - pop out to the garden centre and buy some plants. Make sure the doorbell works."

Phil Spencer from Channel 4's Location, Location, Location agrees, saying that "first impressions are vital".

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