Don't make rash renovation decisions, architect advises

Posted: 16 Oct 2008 12:02:17 GMT

            Property News - Don't make rash renovation decisions, architect advises

Homeowners should not rush into any decisions about renovations to their property, an architectural firm has suggested.

Willson and Bell Architects made this assertion at the recent Grand Designs Live show in Birmingham.

Speaking during a seminar, Nick Willson said that it is crucial to take a considered approach in order to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

He said that an architect could make the time to think about an owner's plans and take into account things such as "where the sun comes from, where it sets" and "where the wind is".

Mr Willson commented: "It's important that you get it right, and you take time to sit down and, before pen has gone to paper, it is important to think: 'What do I want? What is going to make my house better? What's wrong with it now?'"

In August this year, Whatprice reported that the average cost of an extension for a double storey house was £1,056 per metre squared and £47,114 per job.

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