Popularity gaining among commercial property

Posted: 29 Dec 2008 16:09:35 GMT

            Property News - Popularity gaining among commercial property

The commercial property market has been predicted to offer rental yields in 2009 high enough to warrant investment in the market despite the predicted falls in value, it has been suggested.

Following a year in which investors in rental homes and commercial property alike have stayed away from making large payments, Anthony Bolton, a City stockpiler, suggested that the yield rate for commercial property now stands at an attractive 7.5 per cent.

Such a rate will no doubt attract many property investors hoping to make a return on the residential property market in 2009 - a year otherwise likely to put off buyers because of negative equity.

The Times quoted a Barclays Wealth statement as saying: "As we suspected, 2008 turned out to be a year when the bottom fell out of the UK commercial-property market.

"It appears there is still plenty of adjustment to come. At best, a bottom might be reached near end-2009."

However, with extra buyers in the market hoping to turn a profit from the rental market there is cause for optimism among homeowners looking to sell their property.

Those homeowners hoping to sell a property at the highest price possible could benefit from selling a property online, which can attract more buyers than selling a property through a traditional estate agent.

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