Rightmove property feed now accepted at Houseladder

Posted: 16 Dec 2008 13:21:35 GMT

            Property News - Rightmove property feed now accepted at Houseladder

After many requests, Houseladder has updated their website to be able to accept Rightmove version 3 and 3a bulk property data feeds for FREE.

This will make it very easy for estate agents that are already uploading to Rightmove to include their properties within Houseladder's property listings. Even if you are not uploading to Rightmove and you are using a 3rd party software vendor, then there is a 99% chance that they have the ability to automatically load their properties to Houseladder.

So Houseladder can process your Rightmove data feeds all you require to do is follow these simple steps:
  1. If you have not already done so, you will require to set-up an agents account at the following web address. http://www.houseladder.co.uk/Information/AgentsServices.aspx

    Please note that one account will allow you to have many properties with 1 set of contact details, therefore if you have many shops with different contact details then you will require to set-up this many of accounts, for example 3 shops will require 3 accounts.

    When you set-up your account you will be assigned a unique account number which you will require to make a note as will be required later on.

    If you already have an account then just login to find out your account number.
  2. Check with your software vendor that they are able to upload with the Rightmove format.
  3. Email uploads@houseladder.co.uk with your account number created in step 1 specifying that your wish for a Rightmove FTP account to be set-up.
  4. Houseladder will then inform you when your FTP account is ready with the login details for you to place your files.
  5. Pass the login details to your software vendor so they are able to FTP your BLM file and media.
  6. Email uploads@houseladder.co.uk with your account number specifying that you wish your feed to be tested.
  7. Once we have tested we will then inform yourselves and make your account live.
The time is now to maximise your exposure as you will want this all ready before the next property season starts in January.

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