Which? publishes 'accidental landlord' book

Posted: 04 Dec 2008 10:05:00 GMT

            Property News - Which? publishes 'accidental landlord' book

Consumer organisation Which? has published a book to assist 'accidental landlords' in the management of their properties, it has been reported.

The book will offer advice for new landlords in a range of issues, including legal factors, and highlights the growing phenomenon of 'accidental landlords'.

Such a phenomenon refers to the growth of homeowners who have decided to let out their properties after they failed to sell their home as a result of the growing credit crisis.

Kate Faulkner, author of the Renting and Letting guide from Which?, said: "More people than ever are becoming 'accidental landlords' as they struggle to sell their homes, and for many, letting them out is the only option.

"However, being a landlord comes with many responsibilities and obligations, and failure to comply with these could result in problems for landlord and tenant alike."

Selling a property could be made easier by putting the property online, which could attract more potential buyers and a greater number of bids.

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