Agent Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 This agreement ("the Agreement") is made between Houseladder Ltd ("Houseladder", "We", "us", "our") and the Advertiser ("You", "Your").

1.2 By entering into this agreement you are confirming you have read these Terms and Conditions and agree to them.

1.3 You agree to Houseladder publishing your details and or properties on Houseladder.

2. Your Responsibilities

2.1 You have the legal right to sell or rent the property.

2.2 The description you supply is true and accurate and not misleading. Houseladder does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information supplied and cannot be held liable.

2.3 You have obtained permission from the owner of any photographs used in the advert. Houseladder will not be held liable for breach of copyright.

2.4 You will load, manage and edit your properties via our online account interface or via a data feed.

2.5 You will provide us with a valid working email address and inform us if this changes.

2.6 You will ensure the information provided to us is compliant with the properties mis-descriptions Act 1991, Trading standards regulations, British code of advertising and all other relevant codes.

2.7 Information provide to us is of a professional and inoffensive nature.

2.8 You will only display properties for sale or let through your office where the original instruction originated. Each account is for a single office.

2.9 If you have multiply offices then you will create a new account for each office.

2.10 Each listed property will be advertising a property, and the images are of the property being advertised.

2.11 You are solely responsible for the information that you submit to Houseladder.

2.12 You give Houseladder permission to republish your properties on our website.

3. Houseladder's Responsibility

3.1 Dependent on the service level chosen, we will advertise your agency and properties to our visitors on our website

3.2 We will endeavour to provide access to your account 8am to 9pm 7 days a week to enable you to add delete and amend properties.

3.3 We will, to the best of our efforts, ensure that the Houseladder web site is available at all times.

3.4 We reserve the right to take the site 'off-line' without prior notice for essential maintenance and upgrades.

3.5 We will comply with the Data Protections Act 1998.

3.6 We grant you the right of use of our logo in any promotional material in accordance with any instruction issued by Houseladder.

3.7 We reserve the right at our discretion to refuse, modify or delete content that you have submitted to Houseladder.

3.8 We reserve the right to restrict a user's usage of the site either temporarily or permanently.

4. General

4.1 Either party can immediately cancel this contract if either party enters into any form of insolvency including without limit liquidation, bankruptcy or unable to pay its debts.

4.2 We can immediately cancel this contract if you breach any terms and conditions.

4.3 We retain the right at anytime during the course of this agreement to vary the terms and conditions of this agreement.

4.4 The term of this agreement is continuous until cancelled by either party.

4.5 We may cancel this agreement with immediate effect.

4.6 You may cancel this agreement with immediate effect by informing Houseladder in writing.

4.7 For our paying services, once the service begins no refunds will be given where applicable.

4.8 Under no circumstances will our liability exceed the value of 1 months advertising fee received where applicable.

5. Payment (Where applicable)

5.1 You can make payment to us by credit card or debit card.

5.2 We will automatically charge your credit card on the same day of each month that you began your selected service.

5.3 If we are unable to receive your payment, your agency and properties will be removed from our site until payment is received.

5.4 Our monthly charges will be set out on our agents application form, which may be varied by us subject to us providing one months notice.

5.5 All prices quoted exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.

5.6 To cancel the service, inform Houseladder by email or letter at least 24 hours before your next payment is due.

Last updated: 12th March 2009