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property swap shop
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Property Swap Shop - Connnecting People to HomesProperty swap shop are offering a long overdue alternative to conventional buying and selling of property.

Home swapping is the fresh and exciting way of finding your new home. Its the foolproof way of beating the property slump. In fact property swapping has the potential of becoming the future of property sales.

Any organization or individual can take take advantage of property swapping.

Property swapping has the massive advantage of allowing you to take control. The potential is unlimited, overseas property owners can come home by swapping with empty buy to let properties, who in turn gain a rentable property abroad.

Property swap shop are bringing together all possibilities on to one site.

Property-Swap-Shop, the online property swap market is now live. We are the most comprehensive house swap service to date. Specialising in swapping, buying, selling and renting and will accommodate everyone from a private owner to a council tenant. We have coined ourselves ‘the dating site for houses’.

There are no chains and no delays, you can upsize or downsize, use your favoured estate agent to oversee it and the legal process won’t change (so the deeds of the house will belong to you). The Property Swap Shop are undertaking a national push to get property sites, house builders, private sellers and estate agents,councils and their tenants involved so people have more choice.

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Swapping / Buying / Selling / Renting / Forum

We can swap Your House whether you are a Private owner or a Council Tenant.

Private House & Council House Swapping

The dating site for houses. The site for moving home.

No chain No delays. No change in the legal process. Free Forum to chat to other swappers, buyers / sellers / renters / agents / & landlords

Upsize, downsize, The choice is yours
Stay with your present estate agent, They will help you with the swap.
Find the ideal property on the property swap shop.
Contact the owner, agree valuations, instruct your solicitors And move.... its that simple!
With property sales falling through the floor and chains collapsing there needs to be a radical change in the property market and the way it is organised

A Boom & Bust Proof Solution. Property-Swap-Shop aims to provide a service that goes some way to solving these issues.

A stuck property market causes untold misery for countless property owners.

People need to move for many genuine reasons, work, family, or new beginnings.

Imagine all the For Sale properties, exchanges, rentals on one swap site. The chances of finding your ideal home to exchange would be enormous. This is what we are working towards. We are in contact with estate agents, property sites, house builders and private sellers to get them on board.

Connecting People to Homes
We offer all council house tenants the same service as homeowners, and more that you expect from a website.

Homeowners Council tenants Housing Association Tenants

From £4 per month to register and use the site. (after 2 months free trial) for those registering before the 1st December

Tell Your Friends. They’ll benefit from using the site as often as they like This also helps to keep costs down..

Help us change the way the UK buys and sells and swap homes.

Features Include

Live discussion forum
Browse for FREE
Upload your own property photos
Upload your own property videos
Low Cost joining fees from £4 per month
Free 2 month trial membership when you register before 1st december.