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, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
, ST ANDREWS MAJOR,  DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
, MICHAELSTON LE PIT,  DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
, SWANBRIDGE,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
, LAVERNOCK,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ABERDOVEY CLOSE, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
AGNES STREET, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
AGNES STREET, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ALBERT CRESCENT, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ALBERT ROAD, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ALBERTA PLACE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ALBERTA ROAD, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ALTHORP DRIVE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ANCHOR ROAD, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ANCHOR ROAD, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ANDREW ROAD, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ARCHER ROAD, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ARCHER TERRACE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ARCHER TERRACE, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ARCOT STREET, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ARDWYN WALK, ,  DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ARLINGTON MEWS, SULLY,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ARLINGTON ROAD, SULLY,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ASHBY ROAD, SULLY,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ASHGROVE, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
ASHGROVE, LLANDOUGH,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
AUGUSTA CRESCENT, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
AUGUSTA ROAD, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
AUGUSTA ROAD, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BALMORAL QUAYS, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BALMORAL QUAYS, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BARBERRY RISE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BARON CLOSE, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BARON ROAD, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BARONESS PLACE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BARRY ROAD, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BASSETT ROAD, SULLY,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BEACH LANE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BEACH ROAD, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BEACH ROAD, SWANBRIDGE,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BEACH ROAD, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BEDWAS PLACE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BEECHWOOD DRIVE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BELLE VUE TERRACE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BERKLEY DRIVE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BIRCH LANE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BITTERN WAY, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BITTERN WAY, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BRADENHAM PLACE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BRADFORD PLACE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BRADFORD PLACE, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BRAMBLE RISE, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BRANGWYN CLOSE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BREAKSEA CLOSE, SULLY,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BREAN CLOSE, SULLY,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BRIDGE STREET, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BRIDGE STREET, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BRIDGEMAN COURT, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BRIDGEMAN ROAD, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BRIDGEMAN ROAD, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BRITTEN ROAD, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BRITWAY ROAD, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BROCKHILL WAY, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BROMFIELD PLACE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BROOKSIDE, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BRYNEITHIN, ,  DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BURNHAM AVENUE, SULLY,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BYRD CRESCENT, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BYRON COURT, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
BYRON PLACE, ,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CAE CANOL, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CAE GARW, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CAE GWYN, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CAER ODYN, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CAER ODYN, ,  DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CAER PWLL, ,  DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CAERWENT CLOSE, ,  DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CAMMS CORNER, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CANON WALK, LLANDOUGH,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CARDIFF ROAD, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CARDIGAN CLOSE, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CARDIGAN ROAD, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CARMARTHEN ROAD, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CARYS CLOSE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CASTLE AVENUE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CASTLE CLOSE, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CASTLE DRIVE, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CASTLE WOOD ROAD, SULLY,  PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CATKIN DRIVE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CAWNPORE STREET, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CAYNHAM AVENUE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CEDAR WAY, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CEFN MOUNT, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CEIRIOG CLOSE, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CELTIC GREEN, ,  DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CHAMBERLAIN ROW, DINAS POWYS, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices
CHANDLERS WAY, PENARTH, Glamorgan, CF64 House Prices

Average price of ALL properties for CF64 in each month

Average price of ALL properties for CF64 in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for CF64 in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for CF64 in each month

Average price of ALL properties sold for CF64 in each month by Property Type

Average price of ALL properties sold for CF64 in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for CF64 in each month by Property Type

Total number of ALL properties sold for CF64 in each month
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