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MABEL AVENUE, , BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MABEL STREET, WESTHOUGHTON, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL5 House Prices
MABEL'S BROW, FARNWORTH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL4 House Prices
MACDONALD AVENUE, FARNWORTH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL4 House Prices
MACKENZIE GROVE, , BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MACKENZIE STREET, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MADELEY GARDENS, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MADISON PARK, WESTHOUGHTON, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL5 House Prices
MAKINSON AVENUE, HORWICH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MALDWYN AVENUE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MALLARD DRIVE, HORWICH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MALLETT CRESCENT, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MALLOWDALE CLOSE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MALTON AVENUE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MALVERN AVENUE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MALVERN AVENUE, , BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MALVERN CLOSE, FARNWORTH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL4 House Prices
MALVERN CLOSE, HORWICH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MANCHESTER ROAD, BLACKROD, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MANCHESTER ROAD, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MANCHESTER ROAD, KEARSLEY, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL4 House Prices
MANCHESTER ROAD, OVER HULTON, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL5 House Prices
MANCHESTER ROAD, , BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL2 House Prices
MANCROFT AVENUE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MANCROFT AVENUE, , BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MANCROFT TERRACE, , BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MANDLEY CLOSE, LITTLE LEVER, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MANLEY TERRACE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MANNINGHAM ROAD, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MANOR AVENUE, LITTLE LEVER, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MANOR GARDENS, , BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL2 House Prices
MANOR GATE ROAD, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL2 House Prices
MANOR ROAD, HORWICH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MANOR STREET, FARNWORTH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL4 House Prices
MANOR STREET, KEARSLEY, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL4 House Prices
MANORFIELD CLOSE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MANSFIELD GROVE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MAPLE AVENUE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MAPLE AVENUE, HORWICH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MAPLE CLOSE, KEARSLEY, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL4 House Prices
MAPLE ROAD, FARNWORTH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL4 House Prices
MAPLE WALK, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MAPLEWOOD GARDENS, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MAPLEWOOD HOUSE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARCHWOOD CLOSE, BLACKROD, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MARGROVE CHASE, LOSTOCK, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MARIA SQUARE, BELMONT, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL7 House Prices
MARIA STREET, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARION STREET, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MARKET PLACE, , BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARKET STREET, FARNWORTH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL4 House Prices
MARKET STREET, LITTLE LEVER, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MARKET STREET, WESTHOUGHTON, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL5 House Prices
MARKET STREET, , BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARKLAND HILL, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARKLAND HILL, , BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARKLAND HILL CLOSE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARKLAND HILL LANE, HEATON, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARKLAND TOPS, , BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARLBOROUGH STREET, , BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARLBROOK MEWS, WESTHOUGHTON, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL5 House Prices
MARLED HEY, TURTON, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL7 House Prices
MARLOW CLOSE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL2 House Prices
MARLWOOD ROAD, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARNLAND GROVE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MARPLE AVENUE, , BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARS AVENUE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MARSDEN ROAD, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARSDEN STREET, WESTHOUGHTON, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL5 House Prices
MARSH FOLD, WESTHOUGHTON, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL5 House Prices
MARSH FOLD LANE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARSH LANE, FARNWORTH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL4 House Prices
MARSH ROAD, LITTLE LEVER, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MARSH STREET, HORWICH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MARSH STREET, WESTHOUGHTON, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL5 House Prices
MARSHAM ROAD, WESTHOUGHTON, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL5 House Prices
MARSHDALE ROAD, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MARSTON CLOSE, LOSTOCK, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MARTIN AVENUE, FARNWORTH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL4 House Prices
MARTIN AVENUE, LITTLE LEVER, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MARTIN GROVE, KEARSLEY, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL4 House Prices
MARTIN STREET, TURTON, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL7 House Prices
MARTINSCLOUGH, LOSTOCK, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MARTON AVENUE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL2 House Prices
MARY STREET EAST, HORWICH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MARY STREET WEST, HORWICH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MARYLAND AVENUE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL2 House Prices
MASBURY CLOSE, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL1 House Prices
MASEFIELD DRIVE, FARNWORTH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL4 House Prices
MASEFIELD ROAD, LITTLE LEVER, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MASON GARDENS, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL3 House Prices
MASON ROW, EGERTON, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL7 House Prices
MASON STREET, HORWICH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MATCHMOOR LANE, HORWICH, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL6 House Prices
MATHER FOLD COTTAGES, EGERTON, BOLTON, Greater Manchester, BL7 House Prices

Average price of ALL properties for BOLTON in each month

Average price of ALL properties for BOLTON in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for BOLTON in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for BOLTON in each month

Average price of ALL properties sold for BOLTON in each month by Property Type

Average price of ALL properties sold for BOLTON in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for BOLTON in each month by Property Type

Total number of ALL properties sold for BOLTON in each month
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