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, BILLET LANE,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ABBOT CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ADDENBROOK CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
AIRDALE CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ALASTAIR CRESCENT, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ALDFORD CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ALEXANDRA ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ALFRED ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ALLONBY CLOSE, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ALTON ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ALVANLEY PLACE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ANSON MEWS, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ANTHORN CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ARKLE ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ARLEY CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ARNO ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ARNSIDE ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ASHBURTON AVENUE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ASHBURTON ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ASHVILLE ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
ASTON CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
AUDLEM AVENUE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
AVELON CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
AYLESBURY AVENUE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BACKFORD CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BALFOUR ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BALLANTYNE DRIVE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BALLANTYNE WALK, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BALLIOL CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BALLS ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BALMORAL GARDENS, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BALMORAL GROVE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BANBURY WAY, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BARFORD CLOSE, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BARNARD ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BEECHWOOD DRIVE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BEESTON CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BELFIELD DRIVE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BELFIELD DRIVE, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BELMONT GROVE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BENBOW CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BENNETTS HILL, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BENNETTS HILL, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BENTHAM CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BENTLEY ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BERESFORD CLOSE, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BERESFORD ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BERKELEY AVENUE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BERYL ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BESSBOROUGH ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BIDSTON GREEN COURT, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BIDSTON HILL, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BIDSTON ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BIDSTON VIEW, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BIDSTON VILLAGE ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BIDSTON VILLAGE ROAD, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BIRCH CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BIRCH ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BIRCHVIEW WAY, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BLAYDON WALK, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BOLLINGTON CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BOSWELL ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BOUNDARY ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BOWGREEN CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BOWNESS AVENUE, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BRAMBLEWOOD CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BRAMWELL AVENUE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BRANCOTE GARDENS, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BRANCOTE MOUNT, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BRANCOTE ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BREARLEY CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BREARLEY CLOSE, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BRIDLE CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BROADFIELD AVENUE, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BROADHEATH AVENUE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BROADHEATH AVENUE, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BROW ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BROXTON AVENUE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BUCKINGHAM AVENUE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BUDE CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BUDWORTH CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BUDWORTH ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BUERTON CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BUTTERMERE AVENUE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
BYRON CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
CAITHNESS GARDENS, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
CALDER AVENUE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
CALTHORPE WAY, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
CALVELEY CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
CALVELEY CLOSE, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
CAROLINE PLACE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
CAXTON CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
CEARNS ROAD, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
CEARNS ROAD, ,  PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
CHANTRY CLOSE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
CHARLESVILLE, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices
CHARLTON COURT, PRENTON, Merseyside, CH43 House Prices

Average price of ALL properties for PRENTON in each month

Average price of ALL properties for PRENTON in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for PRENTON in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for PRENTON in each month

Average price of ALL properties sold for PRENTON in each month by Property Type

Average price of ALL properties sold for PRENTON in each month

Total number of ALL properties sold for PRENTON in each month by Property Type

Total number of ALL properties sold for PRENTON in each month
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