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Make offer on property for sale

Before making an offer check actual House Prices property property has sold for in any street.

If you have not already done some research on the area then now is the time before you start paying money out for things like a survey.

The following websites will provide you with some basic information the area such as the council tax, crime statistics and other useful information with the following websites.

Provides statistics like council tax, crime, age of people and much more.

Shows you the flood map of the area. If in a flood zone expect your building and contents insurance to be higher.

In addition to this it is best to visit the location at the following times so you can assess the noise level and parking.

  1. Weekday during rush hour. This will help you deduce whether people use the road as a shortcut.
  2. Weekday evening. This will as per 1. and also to see what the parking is like on the road.
  3. Saturday during the day.
  4. Saturday evening

You would have already done one of these times if you have already viewed the property.

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