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What to do when viewing a property for sale

Always view in daylight hours as then you can spot problems and also can see how much natural light enters the property. When you go to view the property take the following with you.

  1. A family/ partner or friend: This is for 2 reasons, one is safety and the other is for a second opinion.
  2. Pen and paper: So you can note anything about the property such as work to be done or any answer to questions that you have asked the vendor.
  3. Digital camera: As you do not have the cost of film, why not take some pictures so that once you have left you can review what it was like, as you probably will find other things from the photo that you did not realise when you was viewing the property.

During the viewing you may want to ask the following questions.

  1. Whether they have a HIP and ask to see it.
  2. Council rates. Don't forget you can get this from
  3. Water and sewage rates. Sometimes this is the same company and therefore included all in 1 bill however can be separate bills.
  4. How is it heated?
  5. How much it costs to heat. That is an estimate of gas and electricity bills.
  6. Can they have cable?
  7. Are they in range to have ADSL. You can find this by entering the postcode/ telephone number on any good internet service providers' website.
  8. What are the neighbours like?
  9. Have they found a property?
  10. If the property is a flat then other questions you can ask are
    1. Do you have share of the Freehold
    2. Is there a ground rent
    3. What is the frequency and amount of the maintenance charge? This covers things like cleaning of the common areas such as the entrance
  11. What is included in the price such as curtains, carpets, washing machine etc.
Provides statistics like council tax, crime, age of people and much more.

Shows you the flood map of the area. If in a flood zone expect your building and contents insurance to be higher.

If you are in an area that moves fast you may have to make an offer within the next few hours, otherwise you may loose the property if you are sure this is the one. If it is a sale then talk to the property vendor and give them your offer.

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