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Prepare Your Flat House or Property For Rent

By preparing your property correctly for your intended market, for example if you are aiming for the city worker then they like space, light colours and a modern feel, can mean the difference between letting your property or having it empty for a long period of time. Therefore before you have either your first or the your next tenants to view your property make sure you have covered the following.
  1. Complete any small DIY jobs such as painting.
  2. Clear away any clutter. If possible store it off-site.
  3. Air the property by opening windows and purchasing a few air fresheners. Also remember that some buyers may be allergic to pets, so make sure that all signs of animal smells and hair are removed.
  4. If any of the rooms have very bright colours or carpets, you may want to neutralise them. This does not mean go out and buy expensive carpet.
  5. Get carpets professionally cleaned.
  6. If your bathroom or kitchen looks tired then by applying some of the following practises will make a difference.
    1. Re-paint the ceiling and walls.
    2. Clean, re-grout any tiled areas that are going black.
    It may even pay to have a new white bathroom or kitchen suite put in.
  7. Cut lawns.
  8. Make sure front door is immaculate as first impressions count.
  9. Choose the correct lighting for each space which can improve the mood of the room.
  10. Organise rooms so that there purpose can be seen.

During this process always remember that you have now decided to let your property and not to get personal about any changes, as the changes that you implement are to attract the widest possible tenants in your area.

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