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Make offer on property for rent

If you have not already done some research the area then now is the time before you start paying money out.

The following websites will provide you with some basic information the area such as the council tax, crime statistics and other useful information with the following websites.

Shows you the flood map of the area. If in a flood zone expect your building and contents insurance to be higher.

In addition to this it is best to visit the location at the following times so you can assess the noise level.

  1. Weekday during rush hour. This will help you deduce whether people use the road as a shortcut.
  2. Weekday evening. This will as per 1. and also to see what the parking is like on the road.
  3. Saturday during the day.
  4. Saturday evening

You would have already done one of these times if you have already viewed the property.

Once you have found a property to rent a good landlord will do the following.

  1. Go round with the landlord to do a inventory check and for both of you to sign and date it on the day you move in. If more then one person is renting the property make sure that all name and sign. This should be done on the day you move in.
  2. Make sure all name sign and date the assured shorthold tenancy agreement.

If the above is not done then insist on it as it saves problems when you ask for your deposit back at the end of the agreed term.

The landlord also has responsibilities such as

  1. Gas installations such as your boiler have to be tested by a Corgi registered engineer either once a year and when you re-let to new tenants. A copy should be given to the tenant.
  2. Comply with fire safety regulations by providing fire exits, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. This will depend on the type of property that you are letting out so check with the local council.
  3. Furniture must comply with the 1988 fire and safety regulations.
  4. If the building was built after 1992 it must have smoke alarms on every floor.
  5. Water supply and waste removal pipes must be kept in good working order.
  6. External maintenance is also the responsibility of the landlord who must give you a UK contact address.
  7. Repairs are the responsibility of the landlord.
  8. Register with a deposit protection scheme (new window) for new rentals after 6th April 2007.

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