How to Find a Property To Rent - Searching for Properties To Let

Now you have your finances in order and you know how much you can afford to buy where can you find your property. Sources that you can search for properties are as follows

  1. Newspapers
  2. Estate Agents' shop windows
  3. Boards
  4. Internet

The first 3 points we all know off and have been used for many years, however the internet has changed all this. So what has the internet done.

  1. Makes searching for a property easier with search engines. So you enter the minimum specification that you require the property to meet such as price, number of bedrooms and area, and returned will only be properties that are of interest to you. Saves time in having to look through a whole newspaper.
  2. Can signup for 'homesbyemail' where we can email you any new properties or properties where they have changed the price, and meets you criteria automatically. This saves having to keep on chasing up agents directly.
  3. With only a few dominant property sites you only have to visit one or 2 websites in addition to Houseladder, as this is where all the agents advertise their properties such as
Enter a Place or Postcode eg Leeds or SW1

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