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Gathering Information To Sell Your Property

To sell your property, the asking price is critical in attracting potential buyers. Too low and you could loose thousands of pounds, too high and nobody comes to view.

Property Value

Contrary to popular belief Estate Agents do not set property prices. All they do is estimate a reasonable asking price of a property based on their knowledge of the property market. At the end of the day buyers determine the price of a property based on what they are willing to pay.

Follow the steps below and you will be able to easily price and set your asking price like the professional estate agents. When setting your property price do not be tempted to inflate your price as this will simply drive buyers away and your home will take longer to sell.

Review local property papers.

This is most home sellers first port of call when pricing their property. This will give you a rough estimate

Estate Agents window

Look in your local Estate Agents window will help you to further refine the price of your property.

Review the big property sites.

This is the quickest and easiest. Search for similar properties for sale within your post code on the big property websites. List them out and subjectively position your property against them. This is your competition and buyers will be comparing your home with these similar properties. If you feel your property is worth more, ensure you can justify why in the description.

Look for similar properties for sale in your area at the following websites. Over 90% of all properties on the market are on these property sites., Trovit, The Sun, Oodle..... and more

Using a professional

You could hire the services of a professional property valuer. These are the people used by the Mortgage companies to ensure the property you wish to buy is the correct value for your mortgage. To find a professional property valuer visit The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

What price properties have really sold for

The asking price of a property is not the actual price a property will sell for. Even though you have researched the price of property in your area, what you have really found out is the current asking price of similar properties to yours, not the actual price properties have sold for.

What you need to find out is what price have properties really sold for and is the market getting stronger or weaker. Estate Agents know these facts and so can you.

First ask neighbours who have recently moved in to your street. This will give you an indication.

Houseladder also lists the actual House Prices property property has sold for.

Other factors effecting property selling price

There are other factors that can effect your property selling price.

The first is time of year. Spring is the time when demand is highest followed by September after the summer holidays. Christmas and August are low demand times when buyers are more busy enjoying themselves.

Home improvements and presentation make a massive impact and a clean and tidy home will always be worth more than a dirty smelly home.


If no picture of your property is present, then the first question a potential buyer asks for is 'Do you have a picture of the property?'

Therefore you can add a picture several ways to your advert on Houseladder.

  1. If in digital format upload during the creation of your advert or at anytime from within 'Your Account'.
  2. Send digital format by email referencing your property to
  3. If only got hard copy you can send then in the post to Houseladder, FREEPOST NAT7681, Surbiton, KT6 5BR
referencing your property, then we will scan, upload and then return the photos to you. Make sure that you have the negatives of the photos as we cannot be responsible if the post looses the photos.

The main photos that buyers are looking for are the following.

  1. Front of house
  2. Bathroom
  3. Kitchen
  4. Master Bedroom
  5. Garden
and any other special features of your property.

Property Description

A good advert will have a summary of the property details at the top which will include the key points. Then below this will be a paragraph for each room that will specify the dimensions of the room and a brief description. Click here for an advert example (new window).

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