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Viewings - What To Do.

Have a diary set-up so that you can manage your viewings. For each potential buyer make sure that you have taken their name and number just in case you have to re-arrange the appointment,  and also in case they are late and have just got lost.

Before a viewing

  1. Have a print out of your property details as they may want to take this away.
  2. A blank piece of paper so that you can take any notes while you are showing the buyers around.
  3. Know how much the council tax is.
  4. Know how much a quarterly gas and electric bill is.
  5. Know how much your water and sewage rates are.
  6. All the doors are shut so that you can present the room to them. If all the doors are open it is too much for someone to take in all at once.
  7. You have planned a route through the property.
  8. Your have prepared your property.
  9. Any pets are out of the way as some people are allergic or uncomfortable with animals.
  10. If a flat know how much the maintenance and if applicable ground rent are.

Showing the people around

  1. Always lead the buyers through the property. Therefore when you open a door to the room you enter first, pointing out all the positive points of the room.
  2. If a room is to small to fit everybody in then allow the buyers to enter the room while you stand outside pointing out all the positive points.
  3. During the course of viewing gather some information about the buyer for example.
    1. Are they a first time buyer
    2. Are they in a chain and how many in the chain.
    3. Do they have to get a mortgage and if so have they got an amount authorised.

By gathering information about the buyer, may determine who you sell to if you have several offers.

After a Viewing

After 2 days if the potential buyer has not contacted you then contact them to see if they are interested, and if not just to get some constructive feedback.

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