YouTube Videos and Slideshows
Would you like to add some video footage or simply have a slideshow created and then added to our YouTube channel for more exposure. We have now added this facility where we will piece together all your video footage or create a slideshow from images and add this to our YouTube Channel.


With smartphones it is very easy to take videos of your property to compliment the photos. Now you could try and do this all in 1 shot, however if you make a mistake you potentially will have to start again, therefore what we suggest is to take a video of each location starting with the front of the property and then go from room to room taking a separate video, so if you are not happy you can just delete this video and retake the shot.

How to take video

  1. Well the first thing you have to do is take your smartphone out and go to your camera.
  2. Within here and depending what phone you have you need to toggle this to video mode by using a symbol such as however each phone may be slightly different.
  3. Turn your phone to landscape, that is so the long edge is horizontal like
  4. There are several settings however leave the defaults and to start recording press the record
  5. Once you have finished recording press the stop button . As simple as that.
  6. Any audio will be replaced with some background music so do not worry about any background noise

Well done you have just done your first recording. Now play it back and if you are happy go onto the next room. Once you have finished you can upgrade your listing from within your account if already created. After you have upgraded see below about how to share the images if you wish for us to create a slideshow or videos.

Sharing your Videos/ Images

  1. Go to your photos app, the symbol for this depends on your phone however will be Android Photos Icon for Android Apple Photos Icon for Apple as your videos will also be in this location.
  2. We do not recommend in emailing them to Houseladder due the size and restrictions with email, therefore it will be better to share these with a link. To do this within the App keep your finger pressed on one of the videos until it is highlighted like with a tick, as shown in the following photo. Sharing files
  3. You will see the other videos/ images will also be able to be selected. Select all the ones you wish to share.
  4. Then click on the share icon which one can do by using the share button such as Share Icon or
  5. Then click on create link. This will copy the link to memory
  6. Next you can do one of the following.
    1. Click on your email app and it will place this link within the app
    2. Send email to with the property address or sales order reference
    1. Open your email app
    2. Locate your sales order and press reply
    3. Copy the link into the email by holding down on the screen and selecting paste
    4. Include the property address
  7. Once we receive the links we will download the images/ videos and piece it together. We will then add the footage to our YouTube channel as well as your Houseladder listing.
Please note the following
  • Your video can be changed once within the first 7 days of going live
  • Maximum total length of video is 15 minutes
  • Audio part of the video will be replaced with background music