Government looks to low cost village

Posted: 23 May 2006 16:21:14 GMT

            Property News - Government looks to low cost village

A low cost, low-carbon village could be central to the government's plans for housing in the UK.

The environment secretary David Miliband and housing minister Yvette Cooper have called on developers to design housing that will emit low levels of carbon at a low cost.

If the scheme proves a success, it is hoped that the developments will lead the way for a wave of sustainable, affordable housing to appear throughout the UK, Ms Cooper told a meeting of the Green Alliance.

"We need to build the new homes that the next generation needs, but we must ensure that they are sustainable for the next generation too," she said.

"Instead of using the challenge of climate change as an excuse to prevent new homes and jobs we need to use the opportunities of new development to raise standards, transform the market and the way we build."

The Thames Gateway is thought to be central to the government's low-carbon housing hopes, with plans for the creation of 120,000 new homes and 180,000 jobs should this initial project meet with success.

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