Homeowners can go green off the shelf

Posted: 02 Aug 2006 11:04:50 GMT

            Property News - Homeowners can go green off the shelf

The major British electrical retailer Currys has launched a trial at three stores for selling solar panels off the shelf.

Believed to cut energy bills by a half, the panels are on sale for around £9,000 and are made by electrical manufacturer Sharp.

In addition the panels claim to be able to cut household carbon emissions by up to two tons per year. The green aspect of the panels and the low carbon capability does allow a buyer to apply for a grant from the Low Carbon Buildings programme.

Peter Keenan, managing director for Currys, stated: "Our customers are becoming more environmentally aware all the time. But this is far more than a 'green solution' for the home, it is also a perfect way of safeguarding against seemingly inevitable energy price rises."

The panels will be available from stores in Thurrock, Fulham, and Croydon where customers can take up the offer of a free consultation and house visit to access suitability.

Solar panel technology has been offered by more specialist companies in the past, but it has been extremely expensive and technologically advanced. This move by a high street retailer opens up the possibilities for more affordable and mass produced solar panels in the future.

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