Homeowners to improve energy efficiency

Posted: 01 Sep 2006 15:43:57 GMT

            Property News - Homeowners to improve energy efficiency

Research has shown that British people feel manufacturers should take more responsibility for energy efficiency.

However, if changes had to be made by people themselves, most would make alterations to their homes.

Top of the list was double glazing and second was enhanced loft insulation. Smaller tasks such fitting energy saving light bulbs or more modern and sustainable appliances, made up the rest of the top five.

The moneysupermarket.com study also highlighted an age divide in terms of opinion on energy efficiency. Almost half (49 per cent) of people between the ages of 50- and 54-years-old believed consumers should take a greater role.

That opinion was shared by only 34 per cent of those aged 25- to 29-years-old.

Paul Schofield, head of utilities at moneysupermarket.com, stated: "Global warming is a problem that isn't going to go away, so as a nation we all need to take responsibility for saving and conserving energy to help the environment.

"Being energy efficient doesn't mean taking drastic action such as installing a wind turbine in the garden; it can be as simple as switching appliances off fully instead of leaving them on standby, or turning off lights that aren't needed."

Small improvements to the home can make a big difference in terms of utility bills and the impact of a house on the environment.

For instance, if a homeowner is on a water metre, putting a full litre bottle in a toilet cistern can save on flushes and contribute to saving water in the community.

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