New home energy ratings 'will help tenants'

Posted: 29 Aug 2008 13:20:01 GMT

            Property News - New home energy ratings 'will help tenants'

The introduction of new home energy ratings will provide tenants with an opportunity to find the most efficient homes while providing landlords with a chance to market their green credentials.

That is according to Jon McGowan, an energy doctor from the Energy Savings Trust (EST), who explained that the introduction of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) is likely to shed a true light on the energy efficiency of rental homes.

He explained that EPCs are becoming fundamental to the leasing, renting, buying and selling of homes because of the speed with which fuel bills are rising.

"People who are renting are within their rights to ask the landlord for a copy of the energy certificate to see what the running costs are and having those in front of you will enable you to compare the running costs of homes," Mr McGowan added.

According to a nationwide poll by the EST, British householders are prepared to pay more for a green home and require clearer information from agents about the energy efficiency of homes.

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